Tastatura Modecom MC-SK1 wireless solar panel


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MODECOM MC-SK1 Wireless Solar Keyboard is an extremely convenient solution for those who look for wireless keyboard device.
Its key feature is the solar power technology that allows to charge the device at all times when there is access to any light source. It allows to prolong the wireless work time and to save the environment by reducing the power taken from external traditional sources. Despite of the solar panels power it can also work without access to light for as long as 3 months.
As the keyboard is equipped with rechargeable li-ion battery you can forget about the typical batteries. Even when the battery runs out of power you can easily re-charge it with USB port of your PC .

Dimensions: 458.5×172.9×15.9mm
Number of keys: 108
Power: Built-In 480mAh Lithium battery
Operating frequency: 2.405—2.476 GHz
Receiver interface: USB

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